Docker single instance with Freebase data?

Greetings All,

I have recently been playing around with the single-instance docker version of DGraph and have also downloaded the “website” repository as well.

I would like to install the Freebase movie RDF database (ie… like in the demo site) so that my single instance of DGraph can query the data but am not sure how to go about it.

Currently, I am diggin around the “benchmarks” repository as I saw some reference to it in the DGraph install and perhaps that will help, but I wanted to ask the blog site as there may be an easier way.

Also, I have the dgraph website repository installed on my nginx web server so that I can test once I have the data loaded up correctly and can use it with the docker image that I already have set up now.

Any guidance and advise would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @lonnietc,

You can follow this section of the README:

Just set the num_instances flag to 1, wherever applicable, as you’re only building a single server version of Dgraph. You can use the Freebase film data to build your instance – it should take less than half an hour on a four core 16GB machine.

Let us know if you have issues following specific commands from README.