Documentation and Rancher community catalog PR

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Posted by MichelDiz:

As mentioned in Issue support for Docker and Kubernetes, it would be interesting to have a PR for the Rancher community catalog. It’s interesting in the sense that you open up a wider range of possibility of adopting Dgraph by more people.

It is not much different to create a YAML for Rancher Compose from a Docker composer. The logic is the same. The difference comes in the settings of the Rancher itself. Things like replicas, secrets, labels, environment labels and etc.

Rancher is a very powerful orchestrator. Version 2.0 of it will use Kubernetes as a standard. It is able to run Swarm, Mesos, Cattle and Kubernetes. For this reason I believe that it is worth the investment in standardizing an official support of the Dgraph to the public catalog of them.


MichelDiz commented :

Small article on how to create templates for Rancher.