Fix tutorial

then go and update your documentation and tutorials, this costs hours to find out

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ping @docs

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as it is now unclear why the docs should be updated the link to the related topic

Hello @atBeSa I humbly apologize for the suboptimal experience that you had in going through the tutorials. This should be a fun and rewarding experience.

I pushed up a new version of dgraph/dgraph:standalone:v21.03.0 and dgraph/dgraph:standalone:latest that includes the Ratel binary, so this should now work with the existing documentation.

PS - I forgot to mention this. But you will likely need to purge existing Docker images, as they will undoubtedly be cached, and pull down the images again.

cc: @chewxy @MichelDiz I will follow up later with refactoring build pipeline to support ratel in standalone
cc: @docs docs should now work as is now that ratel is back.


When trying to use the kubernetes dgraph-single.yaml ratel is no longer in the config. I will try using a earlier deployment file.

Dgraph Ratel UI binary has been removed from Dgraph images, and so corresponding scripts/configs have been updated to purge references to Ratel. However, someone made it available with

So when adding Ratel back, please be sure to use the Ratel image.

If you by chance use Helm charts, there’s this kick-ass helm chart available for Dgraph:

You can get the same thing with:

helm repo add dgraph
helm install my-dgraph dgraph/dgraph \
  --set ratel.enabled=true \
  --set zero.replicaCount=1 \
  --set alpha.replicaCount=1
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Please update the following documentation so that a new user can go from nothing to docker to running Dgraph alpha, zero, and ratel.

Also, please leave helm out of the equation. Just keep the documentation simple.

Hello, can you update this part please? Just saying something like In newer version Ratel isn’t in the image, use


This has thrown me as well. A “simple” change, why hasn’t been done yet? @docs

Documentation is hard to keep up to date, granted. A good suggestion would be to include the docs as part of the change release process. That way, things wont go missed. Another suggestion, would be to update the docs before pushing changes to code. That way, things can’t go missed. It’s a massive (if not the biggest) block to new customers right now, including myself, who want to get started but can’t because every guide is out-of-date.

Is Dgraph still a Graphql database? What is DQL? Is Dgraph phasing out Ratel in favour of running more cloud services? Where can we keep up to date with patch notes / general changes? Is github repo dead/dying?

Please fix docs!

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