Documentation is a bit confusing

I don’t need a book to understand a technology, because the documentations are comprehensive enough.

Off the top of my head, Unity3D has the best documentation and Svelte has the best playground. Easy to follow, like a linear game.

But Dgraph’s GraphQL & Slash GraphQL documentation has many pathways like a Metroidvania & are ever changing like a Roguelite.

I am not yet proficient with the security aspect, and the documentation isn’t helping the matter. URL structures are different, left navigation options are different.

Authorization --------- Authentication
Cross Eyed

TL;DR: An SPA with linear progression and comprehensive guide will be awesome.

P.S. There’s a lot of backtracking involved as there are a lot of dead ends due to incomplete documentation!

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Thanks @abhijit-kar for your inputs. We are currently working on cleaning up and improving docs page. The first set of changes is expected to be ready this week/next

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