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Index table at the top of the documentation with a link to the functions and operators & their examples below might be helpful for newcomers.


Database connector for Prisma and/or typeORM for accelerated adoption???


Have come to appreciate GraphQl and throughout most of my limited experience I maybe did, but don’t recall referencing original graphql documentation due to the tooling developed on top the technology, Graphql± is a little different. Even with a decent amount of graphql experience some of the extended challenges in the Tour examples I sought documentation to help solve some problems, Spoiler Alert I had to click the button to get the answers. One question that stands out more than others was one I thought I could solve with a simple logical operator &&. One of the first examples, two directors were stored as variables and the extended challenge was to find movies where they were both directors, If I recall correctly, I even applied the AND operator too but to no avail.

The point of this isn’t the proper syntax, this was my first experience leaning on the documentation to solve a problem.

I understand now looking back at the documentation that the sidebar is linked to anchor tags going down the page for each piece of functionality, but it would be nice to have some sort index at the top with a link to the functions and operators with examples below that.

Green in the area of graph databases, but understand the value and insights that could be had developing on one. DGraph seems more risky yet modern? I’m sure the syntax wouldn’t take long to become proficient. I’m not sure if there is a one size fits all database, or if that is even what I or anyone else should be hoping for. Have gotten pretty decent with PostgreSQL and my sights are on the Citus enterprise service that shards data for scaling purposes. It’s a pretty solid front runner right now. I know Dgraph doesn’t have tables per se, but on certain tractions on the database nodes EDIT will there be listeners for custom functions?

Is there a database connector in the works? Looking through some of the older comments came across a thread where maybe Dgraph would get a connector for Prisma? I think Prisma will attract a lot of attention from the NoSQL/SQL crowd. I’ve also grown to like typeORM and the repository pattern. Using these tools makes it easier to use other familiar packages and frameworks, express for example. Haven’t dug too deep to understand best practices and tooling for Dgraph, but the type system just introduced in v1.1 seems like it makes strides towards compatibility for connectors previously described.

Welcome to any insight addressing my statements and/or sentiments.

There’s a Prisma issue opened, but I believe such functionality is no longer needed as Dgraph will have GraphQL embedded.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at better ways to revamp the Tour and add other documentation that supports this context. I think we could have intermediate levels on the tour. Any help or feedback is welcome.

PS. I’ll have to reread some part of your text later, too sleepy. Cheers.

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