DQL from GraphQL


How can we get the DQL sentence from a GraphQL sentence?

Hey @Ignacio_Horrillo,

Sounds like you would like to see how Dgraph converts input GraphQL to the DQL it ultimately uses to query/mutate the graph, right?

If so, unfortunately there’s no exposed API for that—but you can rework the code in graphql/resolve/query_test.go to do just that. Using that code as an example, you could create a simple command-line tool to output DQL from input GraphQL – I did that very thing a few years ago. If you’re fluent in GraphQL, it’s a great way to learn DQL actually!


It’s correct :frowning:

We were speaking with dgraph lab expert. And our problem was a corruption in the @type internal index

We are trying to don’t use this index to avoid the problem. But it was imposible. And we need to backup and restore to recover the service