Edges using Normalize

I’m curious why I can’t SEE the edges in the Ratel graph view when using normalize. They SEEM to be in the JSON? Is there something I’m missing?


Normalize is a directive that “flats” the data. So you won’t see any relational edge.

All responses from Dgraph are in JSON. (Now we have RDF responses, but that’s a new thing that is not the default)

So if you have nodeA to nodesB to nodesC…and you want a mapping from nodeA to all nodesC, is that possible with normalize ?

Normalize just flats the data. Any information is lost by normalizing it. In general, the children will be part of the parent when flatted.

From docs:

With the @normalize directive, only aliased predicates are returned and the result is flattened to remove nesting.
@normalize Directive - Query language