Eleni Fragkiadaki - Goroutines and Thread Safe Data Structures

Goroutines and Thread Safe Data Structures

Goroutines are a powerful tool that can be used to make code run faster. But is using them always safe or can they create hard to find, hard to reproduce race conditions? In this talk we cover goroutines, wait groups and locks in order to create thread safe data structures for our applications.

About Eleni

Eleni is a Software Engineer with 14 years of experience in leading software teams, building applications and automating manual processes. She holds a PhD in Computer Science, lives in the UK and is the Tech Lead of Business Banking at Monzo Bank. Go is her current programming language and has also worked with PHP and Python. She is particularly interested in the challenges that come with scaling engineering teams, enjoys periodically blogging about all things technology and her experiences of leading teams and working with algorithms.

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