Go Systems Conf - Agenda

Go Systems Conf Official Agenda

Go Systems Conf is less than 24 hours away! Don’t miss out on this action-packed agenda, and grab your free ticket today. :slight_smile:

9:00 AM PST - Event Kick-Off + Welcoming (arrive early for a special surprise :wink: )

9:05 AM PST - Manish Jain, Founder & CEO of Dgraph Labs
High Performance Manual Memory Management in Go
Learn more and ask Manish questions

9:40 AM PST - Daniel Lemire, Professor & Computer Scientist at TELUQ - Université du Québec
Floating-point Number Parsing With Perfect Accuracy at a Gigabyte Per Second
Learn more and ask Daniel questions

10:10 AM PST - Klaus Post, Senior Backend Team Lead at Minio
Serializing Data in Go
Learn more and ask Klaus questions

10:35 AM PST - Egon Elbre, Senior Software Developer at Storj Labs
Intuitive Performance
Learn more and ask Egon questions

10:55 AM PST - Eleni Fragkiadaki, Staff Engineer, Tech Lead at Monzo Bank
Goroutines and Thread Safe Data Structures
Learn more and ask Eleni questions

11:25 AM PST - Vicki Niu, Software Engineer at Byte
Goroutines: Under the Hood
Learn more and ask Vicki questions

11:45 PM PST - Dongxu (Ed) Huang, Co-founder & CTO at PingCap
The Dark Side of Go: Go’s Runtime Related Problems in TiDB Production Environment
Learn more and ask Ed questions

12:40 PM PST - Raphael ‘kena’ Poss, Member of Technical Staff at Cockroach Labs
Can We Panic Yet? Error Handling in Go
Learn more and ask Raphael ‘kena’ questions

1:05 PM PST - Frederic Branczyk, Founder & CEO at Polar Signals
Low Coordination Distributed Time Series Database - Thanos
Learn more and ask Frederic questions

1:45 PM PST - Danielle Lancashire, Staff Software Engineer at VMware
White Water Rafting
Learn more and ask Danielle questions

2:10 PM PST - Wally Quevedo & Jaime Piña, Software Engineer at Nats.io
NATS All The Way Up: The Evolution of the NATS Protocol
Learn more and ask Wally & Jaime questions

2:45 PM PST - Ana Margarita Medina, Senior Chaos Engineer at Gremlin
import “chaos”
Learn more and ask Ana questions

3:05 PM PST - Verónica López, Senior Software Engineer at Digital Ocean
Designing for Failure: Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems
Learn more and ask Verónica questions

3:40 PM PST - Emmanuel Odeke, Founder of Orijtech
Finding a Needle in Haystacks and Chaotic Systems!
Learn more and ask Emmanuel questions

4:10 PM PST - Jesús Espino, Full Stack Engineer at Mattermost
Observability and Measurement in an Active Environment
Learn more and ask Jesús questions

4:40 PM PST - Nick Cabatoff, Software Developer at HashiCorp
Taming Vault’s Tests
Learn more and ask Nick questions

5:15 PM PST - Group Q&A + Closing Remarks
You won’t want to miss this one!

See you soon at Go Systems Conf on December 3rd at 9:00 AM PST! :rocket:

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