Elixir client for Dgraph

Hey there,

I hope this is not spamming. I fell in love with Dgraph and decided to write a grpc based client in Elixir. It uses the DBConnection behaviour to support transactions and connection pooling via Poolboy. You can find it here:

It’s under Apache 2 license and input / feedback / critique is more than welcome. I am also currently looking for contributers to help with two issues:

  • The connection seems to keep breaking. Described here.
  • Transactions need to be implemented and integration tested.

My design principles

  • Performance and stability first
  • Work as closely to GraphQL+ as possible
  • Keep it simple and allow a maximum of flexibility for the user while providing enough syntactic sugar to make it simple to use. Also for people new to Dgraph

If you have any questions hit me up.


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