Error updating schema with @custom directive


I’m running into this error when I try to update the schema:

{"errors":[{"message":"resolving updateGQLSchema failed because input:1: Unexpected \u003cInvalid\u003e\n (Locations: [{Line: 3, Column: 4}])","extensions":{"code":"Error"}}]}

Here is a link to the current schema. What I don’t understand is that after adding in the @custom directive mutations at the bottom, I am now having issues uploading the schema. I may have made some other change but I’ve primarily been focusing on trying to get these to work. Any guidance on deciphering this error would be great!


Ugh, @core-devs is there anyway to make these error messages more friendly? Being native to MySQL, their error messages are easier to digest at least having a snippet of the query where the problem lies. Maybe instead of “Line 3, Column: 4” You could provide the snippet of schema. This will usually point to the error faster. Most times it is an extra space, colon, unmatching brackets, etc.

@forstmeier, can you provide schema? I understand that is not always possible. I try to keep a working version of my schema in our github so we at least have something to compare against with what changed. Do you have anything like this to know exactly what you changed? If so, can you post at least those parts?


Hey, @amaster507! Here’s the link to the current schema on the branch I’m currently working on: I can look at it more closely but the history for the schema.graphql file over the past 10-ish days seems relatively innocuous.

Slash has a little better error handling:

resolving updateGQLSchema failed because input:601: Type Mutation; Field editUser; body template inside @custom directive could not be parsed.
input:607: Type Mutation; Field removeUser; body template inside @custom directive could not be parsed.

This is interesting. Not sure why it would allow your createUser to go through seemingly without error, but error parsing your editUser and removeUser.

This was a long shot, but I actually resolved out why. Not that I think it is correct, but that it is a Dgraph bug/restriction.

Your body for editUser and removeUser both contain this snippet:

auth0ID: $auth0ID

I was able to receive a successful parse by using instead:

authID: $auth0ID

I believe that numbers are allowable in property names in JSON.

The problem was identified here:

But was should now be resolved as also noted on that same thread:

It was committed here:

And can be seen inside version 20.07.1-rc1 here:

Which version are you running?

Awesome, thank you! That was exactly the issue.

I’m running the master branch (haven’t pulled down the most recent stuff in a week or so) for reference.

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Seems like the error message was coming from an older version hence wasn’t clear enough. This is confirmed by

Note Slash has parity with the 20.07.1-rc.