Flutter Dgraph integration project

I have a flutter app with Firebase backend that I need help converting to Dgraph as a database instead. (Still using Firebase Auth etc) I has made it work but I do not feel sure that my solution is “safe” for a production app. So I want to hire someone who can Flutter + Dgraph for this project so that I do not launch an app that has obvious security issues.

It will be relevant a bit later this autumn/winter, but I post now about it as I suspect that there are not lots of candidates working with this combination (Flutter + Dgraph)

Fixed payment for the project

What you’re really asking for is a Flutter developer who knows how to integrate GraphQL. There are a few GraphQL packages for Flutter.

As far as security, there is only @auth security through JWT available for Dgraph. There is nothing like Firestore Rules until Dgraph fixes the @auth limitations like the update-after problem.

Basically you have to write custom @lambda mutations for every mutation you have to ensure it is secure, while disabling all regular mutations. This would be the equivalent to using a custom Firestore Function for every create and update (and a lambda-hook for delete).

While there may be one or two Flutter programmers here, I think your best bet is to find a Flutter programmer who understands GraphQL to learn Dgraph.

Good luck!