Go Client Problems in Master Branch


I’m trying to run this code which I basically copied from the client/examples_test.go file:

rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown method AssignUids

It seems like the master branch is rather broken. @srh from Slack :sweat: pointed me to this commit which seems to be a bit of a re-write of the client, I posted an issue on GitHub. The docs for the Go client here suggest go get -u to pull the latest code. I notice that the build is failing in Travis also.

I thought I’d just post about this to see what people have to say/suggest if anything.

The Dgraph server binary running in my Docker container was v0.7.7. As @pawan from Slack :sweat: suggested, I ought to be using the master branch of the server code to be using the master Go client code, whoops D:

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