Golang: a small helper for manipulating gRPC responses

Hello Dgraph community,

I started working with Dgraph few days ago. And while I prefer to work with the Go client (and the gRPC interface) I found that it’s quite tedious to work with the responses so I started working on a small helper library today and thought it might be useful to some of you.

With it you can do stuff like:

import "github.com/etix/xdgraph"


xd := xdgraph.ReadResponse(resp)

// Get the UID of the "me" attribute

// Get the "name" property of the "me" attribute

// Use different types


It’s available on Github if you want to give it a try :slight_smile:
Pull-requests are welcome!


Thanks @etix

That looks really helpful. Would you like to contribute to the Dgraph Go client by adding some of this functionality?

Hi @pawan,

It’d be great! I’ve opened an issue on Github to discuss a possible integration.

Yes, this does look useful. You could even make it a bit like Gremlin:

Integration with Dgraph Go client would be great.

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