Gopherfest SF May 2016

Hey @staff,

Do you guys think it’s worth applying for this?

Hi Gophers,

Our event page for this Wednesday has been updated --> check it out.

Gopherfest is happening this year on May 16th. I wanted to reach out to all of you prior to opening up the event to the public (the website goes live soon!) because there are a few changes this year:

The event will be ‘microconference style’ held at the Bentley Reserve here in SF as a half day event, 1p - 6p.
We will be selling tickets. Early Gopher tickets on sale at a discounted rate for $25.
Call For Papers! We’d like to make sure the lineup robust and balanced - submit your talks here. We will have papers accepted in ‘rounds’ - Round 1 ends 4/27.
We are accepting a small number of sponsors, if you or your company is interested please contact us.
There is much more to come but we wanted to make sure you heard it first!



I am sure we should. This would help spread the word about DGraph too :slight_smile:

It’s just that it’s a big expense to fly out of Australia, for this miniconference. So, I want to ensure that it’s worth the expenditure.

Maybe we could request for travel grant. They do have an option for that.

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@mrjn Is there any other event that we can combine this with? It might still be worth it to fly out for this. There may be some meetings worth having. Let’s try to come up with a list of folks we should meet in person.

This would be a great place to find potential experienced engineers who might want to work with us. And as Prashanth said, we could combine this with other events if possible. Also if our funding news public by then, it would be great publicity for us, going there and mentioning that.

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