Helm chart defaults to cluster.local

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Posted by danielmai:

It should not always default to the *cluster.local dns name.

darkn3rd commented :

Would these be configured to something besides the hostname internal to Kubernetes?
Thus the command to run the container is using get from hostname -f. This is setup inside the /etc/hosts:	dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0.dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-headless.default.svc.cluster.local	dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0

Is the name generated outside of Kubernetes, something we’d could or want to change?

danielmai commented :

Are you suggesting we use dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0 instead of the FQDN of the service dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0.dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-headless.default.svc.cluster.local?

@dmai I am not sure what this use case was originally. The host-names are auto-generated. The example above was auto-generated values in the /etc/hosts.


  • Assuming this is about cluster.local: Is there a use case where the DNS scheme is different? Is there any community that does this, such as CoreDNS Rewrite Plugin? Example code that setups up K8S cluster w/ different domain name?
  • If this is about changing the scheme (the service discovery used before cluster.local) to go against upstream Kubernetes, then is there an example use case? Example code that setups K8S cluster when a different service discovery scheme for DNS?