Helm chart defaults to cluster.local

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Posted by danielmai:

It should not always default to the *cluster.local dns name.

darkn3rd commented :

Would these be configured to something besides the hostname internal to Kubernetes?
Thus the command to run the container is using get from hostname -f. This is setup inside the /etc/hosts:	dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0.dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-headless.default.svc.cluster.local	dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0

Is the name generated outside of Kubernetes, something we’d could or want to change?

danielmai commented :

Are you suggesting we use dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0 instead of the FQDN of the service dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-0.dgraph-1589489873-dgraph-alpha-headless.default.svc.cluster.local?

Using fqdn name is not necessary. Only up to .svc is needed.