Help for p directory storage

Hi,team. I have used Dgrpah v20.03.1 for 1 month. there is about 3.5 million upsert op per day. count data by uid is 200000+.but the p storate is is too strange. there is too many vlog files and sst files.

We have made a whole bunch of improvements in the upcoming 20.11 release which would help with directory size management. If you are interested , we could give you an RC candidate to test with.

CC @vvbalaji @ibrahim

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oh,thx.but the Dgraph is served for online product. I will wait for release.

@Willem520 Dgraph Bulk load on version 20.07.02

thank you. but it does not seem like my problem

The same problem:

v20.07.1 is much similar to v20.03.1