[Help] Mutation return "Invalid status code = 404"

Hi you guys,

I set up a dgraph on my server guided by doc. but I cannot create a mutation.
the error is:

Do you know how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

I never saw this error happening in Ratel. What version are u using? (Dgraph and Ratel’s)

v1.1.1. I deployed it on my server, not on localhost.
I think maybe it need to turn on ACL?

Check your logs. 404 is a basic HTTP error that means some resource isn’t available.

I had never seen this error before, as you can realize that the connection icon is red. It means that any operation will not work, so you have to fix it before making mutations or queries.

There’s no relation with ACL or soever.

You may not be forwarding the port correctly or some other related issue. Like problems with reverse proxy, DNS or even permissions on your provider’s firewall.


yes, the problem has been fixed. I input a wrong url in ratel. thanks for your help.

Best Regards

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