Mutations Not working from dgraph ratel ui


As we discussed in the following link

still we are unable to run mutations from dgraph ratel ui.
we are not using ACL

Here is the some screen shots

1.Login page
Just entering the port and closing

able to run queries

Not able to run mutations ,throwing exceptions

did i miss anything?


Feels like some configs are wrong. Please share the whole thing to give a context from your side.
7070 seems an invalid port tho. But you show that it works, that flags me that something else is wrong.

1.We have two dgraph instances one for development and another for Qa and facing problem
to run mutations in both development and Qa dgraph .

2.Screen shots which i have shared previously were from development dgraph.

3.We have configured external port as 7070 in development dgraph.

4.For Qa dgraph we have same 8080 port but still facing unable to run mutations.

here is the screen shots for Qa -dgraph




5.from past 2 or 3 weeks we are facing this problem in both environments dev and qa(dgraph ratel ui asking credentials and unable to run mutations)

6.Both Qa and Development Dgraph have same versions

Version: 1.0.14

Hummm, that’s probably the issue here. That’s a year old version. Ratel changed a lot since then. You might have to use local instead of the latest.

Change the Ratel query string address
from http://{yourIPAddrs}:8000/?latest
to ==> http://{yourIPAddrs}:8000/?local

Using the latest you gonna get the version that is in CDN (Which won’t work nicely with old versions). Using the query string for /?local will use a version that matches the version you are using locally.

I guess the error you got is related to the fact that we changed the way we read the formats (Headers params were changed). As now we support GraphQL in addition to JSON, GraphQL+- and RDF.

Change it and let me know if it works.


PS. Thats a very old Ratel Ratel Installer for Linux, MacOs and Windows (Preview version | Ratel Update from v1.0.6) if the local bundle don’t work for you. Try this program.

Yes,Its working if i use local instead of latest.
Thanks for helping

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