Help need with integrating Dgraph in my application (for the hackathon)

Hack and Slash GraphQL (Working on Dgraph integration)

This is the app that I am currently buliding, it’s not perfect, I’ve been working on it for about 7 days. I just need help with replacing the storage system that I am using on the Node.js Express server (which is just regular JavaScript Objects) to Slash GraphQL. So yeah, tips on what I should do or how I should do would be greatly appreciated and we could also do a voice call as well. Thanks.

Git repo: GitHub - Xuriwork/Joonistame

You can use Apollo GraphQL on the front-end(Apollo Client). Not sure about your server implementation. You are using sockets, that is used only with subscriptions in GraphQL context and you are using it for several things. You have to move all that logic to Dgraph Schema model (and in the end, you won’t need a node.js server). That requires a deeper look, you might end up needing some lambda or something.

You should start here and then you can go to Slash.