Slash GraphQL Release July 30 2020

Hi All,

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Yesterday.

Release Name: Suffering Subscriptions, Live Loaders and ES6 Exporters



We are waiting for the docs to go live. In the meanwhile, here is the relevant paragraph from live loader:

It is possible to import data into a Slash GraphQL backend using live loader. In order to import data, do the following steps

  1. First import your schema into your Slash GraphQL backend, using either the APIs above or via the Schema Page.
  2. Find the gRPC endpoint for your cluster, as described in the advanced queries section. This will look like
  3. Run the live loader as follows. Do note that running this via docker requires you to use an unreleased tag (either master or v20.07-slash)
docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/g01.json.gz:/tmp/g01.json.gz dgraph:dgraph/v20.07-slash \
  dgraph live --slash_grpc_endpoint=<grpc-endpoint>:443 -f /tmp/g01.json.gz -t <api-token>

I had to use dgraph/dgraph:v20.07-slash in my Windows version of docker. I believe this is not just on windows either but that you switched the / and the : in the example above.

It is as you have it above in the documentation as well:

You are right. Thanks for that. I’ll fix it. I wrote the docs before the docker image was published