Help with opensource deployment

I tried to deploy opensource dgraph in many ways, all were failing. All of the deployments I made following docs are giving outputs different from pictures in docs. Ratel is not even deployed in all cases. and others are also giving one or the other error always. Can someone point me to a guide to follow which helps me deploy opensource dgraph(possibly for production).

I’m new to Dgraph. I’m trying to startup and Dgraph would be incredibly useful for my case. Since, I’m on a budget I thought of giving opensource a try first. But, I’m stuck :frowning:

I’ve tried Docker, Kubernetes(single,ha,helm), basic single-host Linux deployment also. In all cases Ratel is not deployed, and other services are also giving some or the other errors.

I was trying Zion release.

Any kind of help is appreciated. Thank You

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Since the company seems to be in a lot of confusion. I would like to stick to a stable and working opensource version of Dgraph till I’m sure. So, please comment on that also if you can. Thank You

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You shouldn’t use zion. It’s full of bugs and unstable release
Please use v21.0.3 as a stable version. I’m using dgraph k8s ha cluster for a year now and it’s working fine


Thanks. I’ll give that version a try.

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Also, note that Ratel hasn’t been bundled with Dgraph since (I think) v21 — you’ll have to run it separately.


We are using v21.03.2 and happy so far

  • We use k8s helm charts for deployment
  • Run bulk uploader in one zero only cluster and copy ‘p’ value to services cluster
  • We intended to buy enterprises license once we are convinced dgraph can meet our needs