How can i add MaxCallRecvMsgSize in cloud dgraph connection?

In previous dgraph connection we can able to add MaxCallRecvMsgSize in defaultcalloptions. But in cloud dgraph connection how can i add this size limit ?

What client is this?

That is the golang option name so I am guessing dgo, if I am wrong about that feel free to correct me.

The question is, you ran grpc.Dial() before and could put on any call options you wanted, and if you call DialCloud then you cannot - which is true.

However looking at that linked code, all it’s doing is setting the Authorization header for you with a dialoption and doing some basic rewriting of the URL, so if you require nonstandard options, it should be easy to just keep using grpc.Dial() yourself with your own options (maxMsgSize, interceptors, etc).

I don’t know if the dgo maintainers want to change that API again to put a variadic grpcCallOption as the last argument and just slap them on the grpc.Dial but that would work too, and be convenient imo.

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