How can I represent/visualize my dgraph database in Microsoft Power BI?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don’t have a data background but I’m leading a data oriented project.

Not sure, but you can query in Dgraph and import the JSON into Power BI.

Thank you. I’m a project manager, aerospace engineer, but I’m running a side project to enhance our business. I’ll have to pass this along to the programmer.

Besides Power BI, do you know of any other good data visualization tools for dgraph?

In general, nowadays any visualization tool that supports JSON will work. I don’t know of any in particular to recommend. But I’ve seen some where users here in the community were using it. But I don’t remember which ones.

Dgraph users in general use Dgraph for their projects, but not for data mining or visualization as is the case with BI. But there are users who do this. They just don’t share what they do.

The only “visualization” tool that everyone uses is Ratel. But it is not BI.

I’ve been working with Graphistry to process and visualize data from Dgraph queries. Graphistry is both a visualization and an analysis platform.

Check out this Python notebook (note it’s still on a development branch in the pydgraph repo) for an example of visualizing a Dgraph query result in Graphistry.

Could you share the kind of reports / charts you’d like to create?
We are working on improving our client and including some charting capabilities. That would help us to better understand your needs.

We usually see two different use cases:

  • producing ‘traditional’ charts (pie chart, bar chart, lines, etc …) from the data stored in Dgraph. Dgraph lets you aggregate in any dimensions (relationships) and summarize data using math functions, and you can easily query your graph to build those types of reports. PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire, … would be able to consume JSON produced by a Dgraph query.
  • producing ‘graph’ visualizations using tools such as Graphistry.

Curious to know your use case…