Querying and visualization with Jupyter notebook

Hello, I’m looking to integrate a DGraph database with a Jupyter Notebook where we can query data from the db with visualizations. On the viz side one of the most promising I’ve seen so far is pygraphistry (https://github.com/graphistry/pygraphistry). It doesn’t provide Dgraph support out of the box but I was thinking transforming the dgraph JSON output into a Pandas dataframe which pygraphistry can then process. Is this a reasonable way to approach it, or maybe there is a better one?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pirxthepilot, welcome to Dgraph!
Have you tried Ratel for visualization? You can check it out here in the playground and github to build locally. But I don’t think there is a easy way to connect Ratel with Jupyter notebooks yet. What is your use case in terms of the data size and kind of queries you wish to visualize.

@Anurag thanks for the welcome!

I am using Ratel and it’s pretty great, but we also work with other data that’s not in DGraph and would like to consolidate everything in one place (Jupyter). Do you think the pygraphistry method can be one way to do this?

This will be used primarily in analyzing log events in a security context. As for data size, I’m not sure yet, we are still playing around with it :slight_smile:

Hey @pirxthepilot,
We haven’t seen anyone use pygraphistry with Dgraph but you are encouraged to try. I feel you can use any visualization tool once you have the JSON data from dgraph. We have seen people use d3 with Dgraph maybe you could explore that as well.

Oh nice, d3 looks very promising! Will check it out, thank you!