How do you drop all data in Slash?

How do you drop all the data in Slash to start fresh?

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To start fresh, & get all the credits to full!

P.S. I want to know as well!

Not sure what the current status is at, but we’ve been fixing the interaction of drop data and drop all with GraphQL. I think we should bubble that through to a /admin endpoint, so you don’t have to destroy your instance and recreate.


I’d just delete the instance and start afresh. Is there a particular use case for dropping all data? Trying to keep the host name I guess?

@akashjain971 could you scope out the effort for this? If it’s a quick win we can get this done

The host name would be the big one for me. Especially during start up development amd testing import logic.

I build a script which takes my 575+ mysql databases and converts it to a single rdf file. I then use live loader to load that data. And well, my logic is not always perfect so I often times find myself needing to fix the script and dump the data and reimport to fix my bad data imports. I would not to also want to go through the extra steps of killing the instance, creating a new instance, import the schema (when it hasn’t changed), update all endpoints/urls to the new instance, and then reimport the data.

Without this, it makes a 2 step process a 5 step process.


Yeah, recreating the instance feels a heavy weight process. Just dropping the data (without affecting the schema) is what I was looking for.

I’ve added this to our backlog

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Drop data feature is now live. Refer here.

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