How do you update an existing node?

I’ve been reading through the documentation, but I’m unclear on how to update an existing node or edge. I was wondering how to do this, and also if the documentation could be updated to make it more clear on how to do so?

You gonna use RDF or JSON mutation - Any write with an explicit existent UID is an Update.
This tour part (Explicit UID) may help you to understand

Also all you need about mutations in docs

As of 2020, the docs still confuse me and unclear. In addition to that, the link to dgraph tour didn’t work.

Hi @rhz

Sorry to hear that documentation is unclear to you, we always try to improve it. I would suggest you following a certain path in learning how to use Dgraph.

I suggest you start with:

Anyway, in case you have any questions/doubts feel free to report them here on discuss and we will be happy to help you.

Regarding the issue with the link you reported:

Strange, I am able to browse into it, are you getting an error ?



Yeah, as Omar mentioned, all links are working.

BTW, please avoid commenting in old topics. Create a new one and paste the link from the old as reference. When you write in old conversations, it triggers emails to everyone.