Updating tutorial as per the changes in the upcoming version

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Posted by prashant-shahi:

There are some changes that are needed for the upcoming version of Dgraph.

  • Removal of pages where _predicate_ is used, or replace it with something similar wherever required.
  • Updating pages where expand(_all_) is used, to reflect the new changes.
  • Change in all of the schemas might be required. If any node has an edge which can be more than one then uid should be changed to [uid].
  • Passing suitable headers along with the HTTP requests.
Endpoint Content-Type header
/alter N/A
/mutate application/rdf or application/json
/query application/graphql±
  • For /moredata/1, change of the option for passing the file from -r to -f during live loading of the RDF dataset.

danielmai commented :

There are open PRs that will address these issues:

  • _predicate_ and expand(_all_) will be fixed by #70.
  • HTTP API changes is already a reported issue with #66 and will be fixed by #68.
  • Schema changes for [uid] will be fixed by #58.

I don’t see a PR yet that updates the live loader flags.

  • Live loader options will be fixed by #74.

MichelDiz commented :

All points of this issue have been merged into master.

Just “Passing suitable headers along with the HTTP requests.” has changed because we are no longer using HTTP API. Just Dgraph-js-http.

Feel free to reopen if there’s anything missing.