How to address a node after bulk import?

Let’s say I have such rdf dataset:


Then I import a dataset with such schema:

<>: string @lang .

How can I query this node <> without knowing it uid (I mean how can I reference exactly this node in the query)? Can I use m.056sql somehow? May be there are ways to find out it’s uid?

Thanks in advance

You should index those nodes.

<>: string @index(hash) @lang .
  q(func: eq(<>@zh, "提帕斯火山")) {
   #add others edges here

So am I right, that I can’t make use of this id m.056sql? Can I update the schema somehow, so m.056sql becomes a named field (freebase_id for example)? If I can - will it still work if I use bulk?

yep, the triple pattern does not allow you to use the first field as a real identifier. Just an intermediate identifier. That is, the <subject> will be replaced by the UID when the mutation is performed.

In theory yes, in practice you will have to edit your dataset. In all data, you must add a field for the new identifier.

Also you could check this pritice and

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