How to deploy dgraph server within local area network

Hi, I’d like to deploy a local server in my local company network. I followed the doc instruction to start my zero and alpha services, and it works in the server computer. However, I would use other computers in the same local area network to access the server, but I could not access the services.

Here are my steps and instructions to start services:

# dgraph zero 
dgraph zero --cwd /dgraph --my=

# dgraph alpha
dgraph alpha -o 100 --cwd /dgraph --my= --zero= 

No matter how I set my ip address, like, I still cannot access the services in ratel services besides the server computer. Can I get some advice or suggestions to make it work?

I opend all ports in my server. I could use other computers to access the dgraph ratel (, but I could not access to

You may need to whitelist the lan network via

I tried to add --security whitelist=, and it still does not work.


You should add valid ranges. Locally and remotelly.