How to disable extensions for queries and mutations for dql query and mutation?

I am using dgraph-js-http client. Is it possible to disable extensions for client requests(request-level)? If not then how to disable extensions for dql & graphql both(database-level)?

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Extensions are returned in every response. These are completely optional. If you’d like to turn off extensions, you can set the --graphql superflag’s extensions option to false (--graphql extensions=false ) when running Dgraph Alpha.


I am starting alpha with this command dgraph alpha --graphql extensions=false --cwd <custom folder> but I am still receiving extensions in dgraph response.
dgraph-js-http: v21.3.1
dgraph: v21.3.1

@MichelDiz might be able to assist. I don’t actually deploy anymore now that I use Cloud

As far as I know it is not possible to unable extensions for DQL.

This is GraphQL related only.

I’m pretty sure you can’t disable it.