How to turn off extensions in dgraph cloud?

Currently all queries returning extensions in response :

  "data": {
    "queryAuthor": [
        "id": "0x4"
  "extensions": {
    "touched_uids": 1,
    "tracing": {
      "version": 1,
      "startTime": "2021-04-17T07:18:29.488524213Z",
      "endTime": "2021-04-17T07:18:29.489954232Z",
      "duration": 1430045,
      "execution": {
        "resolvers": [
            "path": [
            "parentType": "Query",
            "fieldName": "queryAuthor",
            "returnType": "[Author]",
            "startOffset": 80076,
            "duration": 1330111,
            "dgraph": [
                "label": "query",
                "startOffset": 115629,
                "duration": 1272412

how can i turn off this from dgraph cloud dashboard ?

and is it possible to fetch extensions only for specific queries …


Hi @chandu0101, Welcome to Dgraph Community!
We do have alpha flags to turn them off if you are running digraph locally.
--graphql extensions=true; Enables extensions in GraphQL response body.
But Currently, we don’t have a way to use alpha flags in the cloud.

Actually I think the response that returns the extensions information only if you use the web UI (or Ratel) . If you use a GraphQL client library to make the query, you wouldn’t get those extensions in the response. I may be mistaken though

dgrpah pricing model is based on data transfer :stuck_out_tongue: , it should be good if we can disable per request based/ or globally :slight_smile:


It absolutely does return extensions from Cloud in both Websocket and HTTP responses.

@chandu0101 is right: if these extensions are included in bandwidth pricing for Cloud, then we should have a way to turn them off. Often the extensions are larger than the actual data for my queries.


The fact that it’s impossible to turn off this response bloat does make it feel like a cheap tactic to inflate Dgraph’s revenue. Not a good look at all.