How to do badgerdb sharding or badgerdb in replica set mode?

How can I shard or replicate my BadgerDB data, so that I don’t loose data and even if 1 badgerdb server crashes, the other takes over?

Is there any alpha kind of things here? where I can start with replica set?

@MichelDiz @mrjn @pawan @ibrahim

I don’t see any documentation for it, As far as I assume, Since badgerdb is embeddable key-value database.

We will have to build our own Architecture for such replica with live multiple insertions in go routine? and create our own “failover” retry model for fetching data?

Please confirm!

Hey Rocky. Sorry, but all of those guys(including me) we aren’t in Dgraph any more.

About your question. Well, Badger is embeddable. So as far as I know there’s no such things you mentioned. All of it are part of Dgraph, not Badger.


Oh! is Dgraph shutting down? As far as I guessed, you guys were the founding team like engineer, support and other devs?

Long story. There are Two teams right now. Dgraph Labs(building a new team) and Outserv(Founders) see more here Dgraph / Outserv Community.

I guess Dgraph labs isn’t shutting down. Not sure about its future.

Just give them a “few weeks” for their new team to start. :man_facepalming: