How to do kind of "Introspection"? a "Full database viewer with segregated relations in indirect nodes."

Only then did I notice - So I moved it to here “Please use for documentation, questions, feature requests and discussions.”

For reference

I’d like to explore everything I have on my Dgraph server visually by the Dgraph’s native viewer (Dgraph Browser). But apparently there is no such option. I would have to execute each Query and then it would be in the history. But piece by piece.

PS. I believe that if we know exactly how our database structure is. We will be better to plan all business logic. It would be interesting to see also a Schemas viewer. It identifies every structure of Schema and delivering possibilities of relations and we can do better mutations planning.

And maybe an interactive viewer. That we can see and edit the Schema or even delete parts that we do not want anymore or are wrong. it would dynamically generate there a mutation to delete and execute - for example by clicking the X or some deletion option in the “GUI” pushing out the graph representative bubble from the graph-container.


Something like:


But as an Introspection

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