How to fix "query" tap in code

I don’t want to click run in “query” tab on localhost, but I want it to run on vscode.
What must i do

I try to run in can run “mutate” tap in code. However, i cannot run “query” tap in code. please help me

Hi @Mickey248 - welcome to the Dgraph forums!

Can you explain what is ? Also, what is tap?

Ratel (the UI that you are using) is kinda like PHPMyAdmin for MySQL or pgAdmin for Postgresql. You use it to explore the code you want to write.

I’m not sure if you can run it directly in VSCode (I don’t know since I use emacs, which is the clearly superior operating system if it only had a better editor).

You can write the query as a string in your python file, then run the python file.