How to query data in Ratel UI that was created/mutated using GraphQL?

Hello everyone,
I’ve just started with learning of dGraph and GraphQL API, and there is one thing that makes me confused. In order to get the data or to add new one, user can use DQL or GraphQL. I’ve decided to use GraphQL, and I’ve created several types, mutated some data, made some queries & everything works fine. Also, I’ve tried to use Ratel UI, and realized that it only supports DQL, so I’ve spent some time learning how to make queries in DQL. After several hours of trying, I’ve realized that I can’t fetch the data (that was created using GraphQL) using DQL queries.

Is it correct that you can’t fetch the data in Ratel if the data was previously created using GraphQL?

Hi @dbazina-dev,

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No, that’s not true. The “secret” is that you have to prefix the predicates with the type. For instance, take this GraphQL schema:

type Person {
    name: String

A DQL query to get all names:

query {
  names(func: type(Person)) {

@dbazina-dev GraphQL on Existing Dgraph in the documentation is providing some details. As we are revamping the documentation, I’d like to better explain GraphQL and DQL interoperability. Feel free to share the points you would like to be better explained.