How to start dgraph with some data in it?

So basically I want to start a dgraph on docker with some data already present in it(say admin login and password, or the dgraph schema and so on) but I couldn’t create a Dockerfile to handle that. Could you help me with that?

That’s not possible as far I got from your question.

What you could do is run a script that updates the schema and seeds some data to the Docker container when it boots. What is your use-case?

The idea is to build a docker image with admin user and password and its privileges, with predefined schema already in the database

Well, that is possible. You can run Dgraph during a Docker Build step and run a script to load all those configs you need. What I do not recommend is create an image with data loaded. This will create a big image, that’s a bad practice. As the image will have that dataset written in stone(image), and also occupying space with big images.

It seems like I have confused everybody. I can simplify.
Basically I need help with the dockerfile.
I have one file: A schema file: That defines the types.

# Define Types

type Store {
    store !     

type Product {
    product !

# Define Directives and index

store: String @index(trigram) .
product: String @index(term,fulltext) .
class: uid .
stores: [uid] @reverse .
geolocation: geo .

Thanks for the advice @MichelDiz could anyone help me with the dockerfile?

FROM dgraph
ADD ./Schema ./

# How to add the Schema????
RUN curl -X POST localhost:8080/alter < ./Schema

Something like this

curl "localhost:8080/alter" --silent --request POST \
   --data-binary "@path/to/Schema"

Yeah but how to I run dgraph at the same time??? I can’t run the dgraph and have it do the alter at the same time, that’s the problem. I need to find a way to alter the schema without running the dgraph or run it it the background in dockerfile.
dockerfile should look something like this:

FROM dgraph
ADD ./Schema ./

RUN #(here dgraph should run in background)

RUN curl "localhost:8080/alter" --silent --request POST /
 --data-binary "@path/to/Schema"

in a single line you gonna use some command line tricks. Something like

RUN dgraph zero & dgraph alpha & \

You have or to create the whole process in that multiline or create a script file( to run the rest of the process

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Finally! thanks a lot . I will try that. But it didn’t have to be all in one line. I will inform you about the results.

By the way how to drop all data with curl command? And how to deploy the container with CMD??? I haven’t figure that out

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curl -X POST localhost:8080/alter -d '{"drop_op": "DATA"}'


What hosting platform are you deploying to? With you just add a custom CMD argument in the deployment settings:


Sorry for late reply and huge thanks for support, actually the answer to my second question was

CMD dgraph zero & dgraph alpha

And thanks for answering the first question. I appreciate it.

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