How to use subscriptions with DQL?

I am using DQL with dgo connecting to remote Dgraph instance. I would like to be able to subscribe to changes in my database. I know subscriptions are available in Slash so fundamentally there should be a way to use them dgo?

I’ve seen a previous post (How to subscribe to dgraph changes?) suggesting to subscribe to badger instead, however example code assumes server and dgraph are on the same filesystem and also seems bit of a hack.

It seems subscriptions with DQL is not in the roadmap 2021, it’s an incredibly important feature hence wondering the motivation not to include it?

Subscriptions are a unique GraphQL feature. I don’t think you can do them on DQL. Correct me if wrong @pawan

Now it is possible (With custom DQL on GraphQL), I saw a demo in the last session. Need to check who was working on it(I just check it it was Jatin). But I think this will come in late Q1 or Q2.

Yeap, for pure DQL you right. And I don’t think we gonna support this on DQL.