How would Go's client code for mutations would look like for your command line example?


I am a bit surprised with your Go samples in GitHub - dgraph-io/dgo: Official Dgraph Go client
I mean, fancy tree-like JSON is a strange choice for graph representation. I would rather expect to see a []*api.NQuad in your samples which is simply a better match for the task.

I tried to do something myself but this doesn’t work as expected. Could do you provide a small example of equivalent Go code to your set { … }, may be just with the first SW?

You can use api.Mutation{Set: ...} to set NQuads.

There wasn’t enough information on how to work with it. And it is buggy. Probably because it is not widely used.

I learnt how to deal with it though. Will report an issue about a bug I found.

We use N-Quad mutations quite often with dgo. I’m not sure what issue you ran into, so it’d be great to understand what issue you faced so we can address it.

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