I installed dgraph through helm

I installed digraph through helm, and zero and alpha were both 3 by default. After that, zero and alpha were increased from 3 to 5 respectively, and sometimes the data could be found out, but sometimes the data could not be found out. How should I fix it?

What version are you using?

v1.1.0,I started with four zeros, reported an error and changed it to five, and then I had this problem

To change the configuration of the cluster. You need to know how Dgraph works. The more instances you add to the cluster, the more they take determined positions. If you do not have a replication configuration. So every instance you add will represent a group and so on. So you can’t just delete the instance and bring another instance. It will break your cluster config.

So, or you start from scratch. Or you remove the node via API. Like /removeNode

which error?