Importing Dgraph 1.0.3 as dependency in "dep"


I use dep as a package manager and my Gopkg.toml contains 0.8.3 as dgraph dependency, which is working fine.

But now if I upgrade it to 1.0.3,
“dep ensure -v”
throws me an error:
(71) ✗ at v1.0.3 has problem subpkg(s):
(71) has err (*build.NoGoError); required by (root).

I suspect the reason might be proto files in client packages are not compiled. I can say that since they are compiled in 0.8.3
Any inputs on how to get around this?


We stopped supporting embedded Dgraph from v0.9.0 onwards. See release notes at

So you’ll have to run Dgraph Zero and Server as a separate processes.

I am not talking about embedding it.
My code that uses dgraph/client has a dependency on it and dep the package managing tool while resolving this dependency, imports dgraph code into vendor folder of the code.

But while resolving this dependency it is failing.

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