Python3 grpcio dependency

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Posted by manuel-delverme:

pip3 tries to install a non python3 compatible version of prpcio

pip3 install --pre grpcio
pip3 install --no-deps pydgraph

fixed the problem

manishrjain commented :

@mohitranka Could you please update the wiki if this will happen for all the users of pydgraph? Or, ensure that pip3 can pick up the right deps automatically?

lazharichir commented :

Hi guys, definitely still happening. i have grpcio 1.x installed but pydgraph requires an older version that cannot be installed with python3x. Any idea when would that be fixed as all my app is in Python 3.5, soon 3.6.

InfinityMod commented :

I fixed the issue to work with python 3.x and the newest grpcio, you can find the repo in the pull requests yet.

The fix is for the current development release of dgraph. You can backport it to dgraph-io 0.74 by changing ‘/graphp.Dgraph/Run’ to ‘/graph.Dgraph/Run’ in the “” file.

gpahal commented :

Should be fixed by Add Dgraph v1 support and make the interface compatible with other clients by gpahal · Pull Request #21 · dgraph-io/pydgraph · GitHub

gpahal commented :

Pull request merged to master.