Improvements to Custom DQL feature

This post contains a list of improvements suggested about the custom DQL feature in GraphQL.

  1. Supporting Mutations with custom DQL (Why does custom dql not support mutation?)
  2. Defer Field selection to GraphQL layer with custom DQL (Defer field selection to subquery when using custom DQL)
  3. Add support for various DQL features with custom DQL like @groupby (Using custom DQL with groupby)
  4. Add support for filtering and pagination in custom DQL query (Custom DQL - Graphql)
  5. Custom DQL on fields (Difficult logic about link)
  6. Returning scalar from custom DQL query (A scalar type was returned, but GraphQL was expecting an object)
  7. Subscribing to a custom DQL query (Will we be able to subscribe to a query?)
  8. Auth with @custom DQL (How to handle Authorization with @custom queries)
  9. Supporting Facets with custom DQL (How to use facets with slash? and Language Tag Support ) .