Status on Missing Custom Features

The Custom and Lambda directive are very powerful, however they are not complete.

I want to first be clear that I do not want to just complain about EVERY missing feature request. I just keep trying to build a real usable app, and I simply can’t use custom mutations for everything. It is extraneous and insane.

  Query Mutation Field

First of all, this is not clear at all in the docs that you can’t do this. Second of all, you guys said you would not add these features (particularly custom dql mutations):

Why? There is no explanation here. Again, pointing to lambdas is RIDICULOUS. Why should I be putting the same code in an extraneous JS file, when I should be able to put the code directly in the schema. If I need to modify the code first, THAT is what lambdas are for!

Make this happen please!


This, again, is ridiculous. While I have already given a long response to this – agreed by many people already —, here are more specifics:

  • Neo4j allows triggers before and after
  • PostgresSQL allows triggers before and after
  • Custom Mutations would be doing the same thing AND SLOWER, requiring you to disable ALL mutations for the schema in your regular node
  • You don’t have access to the before data, so you can’t do anything
  • As @amaster507 said, it should be up to the end user if they want to incur that cost

Again, while working on real world, you simply cannot function without this, because post-hooks work on the changed data.

Where do we stand on these?

My goal for this question is not to write yet another post asking for these features, but to get a status on them. Surely you guys see the benefits of them.

Are these features even on the list of future features, or did you ignore the need? If not, why not?

We are just looking for transparency, as these two features are in my TOP 10. I do not want to make a post about every feature, just the extremely important ones.

Thank you Team!