Installing vim with Go support

These are the steps:

  • Move your existing .vimrc, and .vim to someplace. I do these: mv .vimrc .vimrc.backup, mv .vim .vim.backup
  • Ensure you have vim-nox installed. sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install vim-nox.
  • Install Vundle: git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
  • Copy .vimrc from here:
  • Run vim. Call :PluginInstall
  • Run vim. Call :GoUpdateBinaries
  • Download zip from
  • Ensure you have lua support. Run vim. Call :echo has("lua"). If it returns 1, you’re set.
  • unzip ~/Downloads/neocomplete.vim, then mv neocomplete.vim-master/* ~/.vim/
  • When you now type into vim, you should be able to see autocomplete.

Also, notice all the amazing build, test, doc browser functionality now. You can use it with ;b, ;t, ;g etc. Look carefully at the ~/.vimrc for more.


I had written a blog on the same a while back, might be useful.


I’ve now also checked in my new and shiny i3 window manager config, and renamed the repo:

So, the links above might not exactly work. But, the .vimrc is here.

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Interesting video on how to get better at vim:

Vimgolf looks like an interesting site, but they don’t want to show you their best answers unless you provide them with a solution of your own.

Also, breaking bad habits, which I have plenty of:

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