Introducing Prometheus with Cloud

Today we are announcing the introduction of Prometheus with Dgraph cloud. For a long time, users have been asking to expose Dgraph metrics over their cloud instances and now all dedicated users can upgrade their backends to enable Prometheus under Modify/launch Backend option.

Available configurations are 1C (1 vCPU 4GB RAM), 2C, 4C, and 8C.

How to access Prometheus metrics

  1. A new endpoint called /prometheus is available for all the dedicated backends with Prometheus enabled.

Please note, this endpoint is protected with the admin role API key. For example, for a backend say, prometheus endpoint would be

  1. Once you click the url, you will be asked to add the admin api key. Something like this

  2. Once you enter the api key click submit and you will see the prometheus dashboard.

How to integrate with grafana

You need to perform three actions:

  1. Add the prometheus Url as the source URL.
  2. Select the access type to Server.
  3. Add the header X-Auth-Token with value as the admin API Key.
    It will look something like this

I hope this feature will help you to monitor your backend in a more efficient manner. Please provide your feedback if you face any issues.