Dgraph Cloud Release July 5th 2021

:sparkles: Hey all - We did a release of Dgraph Cloud Today.


  1. Audit Logs for dedicated clusters. You can enable audit logging so that all requests are tracked and available for use in security audits. Read more here :female_detective:
  2. Exports options for shared clusters. Users can export data from a shared cluster into a JSON/RDF. This can be found on the settings page.
  3. Rich JS editor for Lambdas, auto-completion, JS syntax color highlighting using Monaco - the code editor that powers VS Code.
  4. Diff modes for GraphQL Schema, Lambdas, DQL Schema - Now users can see the compare the differences made to the file.
  5. /admin endpoint in GraphQL page. Users can execute admin queries/mutations directly from the cloud interface.

A quick glimpse of how the diff-editor works -

Audit Logs View -

/admin endpoint in GraphQL page