io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNAVAILABLE: Network closed for unknown reason

hi all.

we have this error from time to time when querying dgraph cluster on AWS. if we retry query, then next query runs ok.

logs are clean both on zero and server instances.

is it normal practice to use retries when querying dgraph? cause for now we don’t have any clue why we get this error, and retry is the only one solution we know. there is no network issues in aws as well…

Hard to say what the issue is, but it is not normal. The gRPC-java folks even say it’s a rare error and it’s hard to troubleshoot:

If you can reproduce it outside of AWS then we can start to isolate the problem.

thank you for answer!

we use dgraph4j 1.3.0 with grpc 1.10.0
wo, we’ll update version and check if error remains

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