Is it possible to create new Users on the cloud /admin endpoint when you have a shared instance?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create / update users on the /admin endpoint on shared instances. I’m getting an error:

I think that ACLs a dedicated instance feature.
From the ACL page in dgraph cloud: ACLs are available only in dedicated instances

I thought that user creation was part of shared too. Being able to have a user login even without permissions. Otherwise I believe we’d have to use the groot account for all authenticated queries which would mean we would need to keep that constantly authenticated in the background.

I dont know what language you are using to build your application but the go bindings handle re-login transparently during use:

func DialCloud(endpoint, key string) (*grpc.ClientConn, error) 

func (txn *Txn) Do(ctx context.Context, req *api.Request) (*api.Response, error) {
	if isJwtExpired(err) {
		err = txn.dg.retryLogin(ctx)

ACL’s are only available for dedicated backends. Shared backends doesn’t have permissions to manage user groups and their permission. Authentication is managed by the cloud itself and api’s doesn’t need to authenticate with the backend.