How to import a dgraph backup directly from local machine

Hello! I have exported my Dgraph Cloud instances for one of my sites, and I would like to upload it to a new Cloud instance. I followed the directions here (, but the response I am getting is basically a bunch of these:

Error while mutating: unauthorized to mutate acl predicates:
 s.Code PermissionDenied

I ran the command from the above-linked docs using Docker and an Admin API Key.

It was a downgrade to shared instances?

From a shared instance. I exported from the shared instance, and I want to import into a free instance. It’s effectively running a small demo site.

You may need to sanitize the dataset. Removing all Dgraph predicates, except the <dgraph.type>.

Would that explain the PermissionDenied error?

You cannot alter a reserved predicate. Used to Multitenancy(ACL). Only Admins(which in Dgraph is called guardian) can do this.

As the free instance doesn’t have ACL activated. You can’t ingest that predicate into the cluster. Maybe we should have a flag to export without ACL context. Feel free to open an issue for that. at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub